We’ve been delivering working software for 15 years. That’s long enough to know when to build software, and when to use existing software solutions.

We have delivered revenue generating software for household names like BBC, ITV, E.on, and Bupa but now specialise and work with smaller businesses where the right solution has a dramatic impact on our clients’ bottom line.

We are a small but trusted web development agency and we want to deliver your project.

There is only two of us, Andy (the software geek) and Yumiko (design and localisation guru). Yes,  just two of us (oh, and our trusted team of sub-contracted specialists that we’ve built up over the years).

Being small, we have to be selective about the projects we work on.

We can only work on projects that have a positive return on your investment, if not we simply won’t take your money. We aren’t your typical agency who will build anything for the right money.

We’re not interested in just building software, we’re interested in making or saving you money. 

Sounds obvious doesn’t it?  Then why do so many agencies just build anything you ask them to, without caring if there is any value to you – quite simple really. They need to support a large number of staff and so need to take every single project that comes along.

Building software is a craft we love, but what we love more is seeing our customers build their business and make money from that software, so it has to start with the business side of things. It’s all to easy to just start building software and thinking like Field of dreams “If you build it, they will come”, if that is what you are thinking… read this