You’re running a successful business and it’s time to build your own software or software product.
You think it is the right time to build a development team.
Think again.
Have you honestly proven the software you are about to write is going to work? Do you have customers lined up for this knocking at your door to build it?
Building software is the easy bit, building software the market wants is the hard part.
I have helped more than 10 companies build good software teams. But before that, I helped them prove out their business, iteratively delivering them working software that solved the business need and acted on real customer feedback.
Because we delivered iteratively, their ideas could be tested really fast (for a very low cost) and feedback from customers could drive the next iteration. There weren’t developers on the payroll ploughing through their budget irrespective of success or failure.
I’m a big fan of lean development and only writing code when code is needed – you should be a fan too, because frankly, writing and maintaining software with an in-house software team will cost you a fortune – so you had better know you are building the right product.
I put together this mini course to help YOU on YOUR journey. It’s completely FREE advice and it has helped quite a few small businesses. I offer my unique experience from years as a developer, agile evangelist, dev hirer, blogger and business owner.  
As you digest the mini-course (it is only 4 short parts), I want you to get results, so hit me up with any questions you like – I respond to every email personally.
Look forward to receiving these ideas
Andy Davis